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Polynomial long division

So!    I'm having lots of fun with my new side gig writing supports for students with disabilities for Illustrative Mathematics' future high school math curriculum. 

They say with this edition they can't include images ... but ... it will be published as CC-BY Open Educational Resource which means that once it's "out there,"  anybody can add, modify, etc.   To that end, when it's *slightly* quiet at the regular job but not quiet enough to actually switch to working on the side one... I've put together some visuals that could go along with them.   


I've got a little project going...

I found out about Open Educational Resources -- " free and openly licensed educational materials that can be used for teaching, learning, research, and other purposes"  right here at LINCS. I was part of several projects, creating and curating OER for Math.

  I think it's time to scale up!   

"Stand and talk" activity     

As somebody who really struggled with the details of managing classroom activities, this explanation for structuring "talk about this with another student" so that it actually works amazes me :) 

Khan Academy Alignment to the CCRS?

Hi everyone!

As part of a curriculum alignment project I'm working on to aggregate resources and materials as they align to the CCRS, I'm wondering if anyone has gone through the work of doing a content alignment of Khan Academy that exists in Excel or CSV format. Khan provides a .csv file that lists out the alignment of all their practice content to the Common Core State Standards, but I'm wondering if anyone has taken this and adjusted it to show the alignment to the respective CCRS. 

Another cool online resource    I couldn't get some movies to run (version of Flash issue, I think)  but I like the approach!   

How important is math to health?

How does math connect to our health and wellness? And how do we improve math skills in students? In an interesting study shared on PLOS One, a peer reviewed open access journal, the authors indicated improved numeracy demonstrates correlations with 'quality decision processes and outcomes.'  Specific examples include individuals who have higher numeracy skills have better health outcomes and do better financially by managing income, loans, and credit cards.

Online Courses: Foundations of Teaching Adult Numeracy & Number Sense

World Education E-Learning is taking registrations for two numeracy courses that will be starting in April. 


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