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TEACHING ADULTS TO READ Study Circles for Winter and Spring!

A FREE Professional Development Opportunity brought to you by LINCS.

Facilitated online study circles for adult educators who want to learn – and practice - more about assessing and teaching the components of reading.

Winter series: Teaching Comprehension. Spring series: Teaching Vocabulary 


Online Course: Navigating Pathways to Opportunity: Comprehensive Student Supports

Navigating Pathways to Opportunity: Comprehensive Student Supports is a facilitated online course from World Education. The next session is scheduled for February 11-March 18.

Online Numeracy Professional Development Courses Starting Soon!

World Education E-Learning offers facilitated online courses for adult education. This winter we are offering the following two numeracy courses:

Teaching Reasoning and Problem-Solving Strategies (New Dates! February 13 - April 3)
Learn about reasoning and problem-solving strategies that will enhance your teaching of mathematics and numeracy. Explore a variety of activities that you can adapt to your classroom.

New Online Course! Integrating Technology with Project-Based Learning

In Integrating Technology with Project-Based Learning (January 28-March 25), participants will review the concepts of project-based learning and explore ways to integrate new and emerging technologies into instruction. Using Web 2.0 tools in project-based learning allows teachers to introduce their classes to problem-solving tasks, enhancing learners’ critical thinking, collaboration, and communication skills in the process. These are exactly the 21st century skills adult students need to prepare for college or careers.

Bridging the Digital Divide in the classroom

As the Technology Coordinator for our rural adult education program, I am trying to find information to share with our instructors which will convince them that integration of technology is crucial to the learning styles of today's learner. Are there any good articles I can share or an online professional development program I can implement to help our teachers make an automatic connection to online resources that will help our teachers understand the need to bridge the digital divide?

OER: Day Five

Posted on behalf of the AIR/OER team:

Welcome to Day 5 of From Inquiry to Practice: A Guided Exploration of OERs in Adult Education.  As you consider the conversations over the past week, we would like to wrap up by focusing on two key ideas: 1) how you plan to apply this new information about OER in your work, and 2) what support you need to begin using OER in your instruction.  Let’s explore both topics by responding to the following questions.

OER: Day Four

Posted on behalf of the AIR/OER team

LINCS Learner Web web-based professional development courses for teachers and tutors


I want to call your attention to a free LINCS Learner Web professional development portal sponsored by Literacyworks. The site includes Learning Plans (individually-paced curricula) that in this case focus on adult literacy education professional development. Each Learning Plan is driven by a learning goal. Current goals include:


English Language Learning University (ELL-U )

  1. ELL-U Emergent Readers: Introduction
  2. ELL-U Vocabulary Club: Introduction

Teaching Reading

OER: Day Three

Posted on behalf of the AIR/OER team

Welcome to Day 3 of From Inquiry to Practice: A Guided Exploration of OERs in Adult Education.  Searching the internet for material can often times be overwhelming and time consuming.  So, the question becomes, how do I find the right OER?  How do I navigate the enormity of the internet’s resources? Using search techniques can support this effort.  Watch the brief video about how to use some techniques then respond to the prompts below.

OER: Day Two

Posted on behalf of the AIR/OER team


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