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What online resources are adult basic skills educators using?

Hello colleagues,

In a July 24th CrowdEd Musings blog post, "The Results Are In! Here's What Adult Educators are Using," there is a list of 19  free content websites, online tools, or other online resources that adult basic skills educators who responded to the survey said they are using. You will find a list of these free online resources here.

Evaluations of Online Tools and Resources for Adult Basic Skills Teachers and Learners

Technology and Learning Colleagues,

You may know that from January through June of this year, led by technology and Learning CoP member Ed Latham,  a volunteer Technology and Learning CoP micro-group set out to identify promising free or inexpensive online tools and resources for adult basic skills (including ESOL/ESL) teachers, tutors and learners, and then to evaluate several of these tools and resources for teachers and tutors.

So, what is the result?

Floods, unfortunately

We are seeing a lot of flooding in various parts of the US and the world.  Information about floods can be used to teach such skills as reading graphs, charts, and maps;  problem solving; numeracy; and science.  One resource is the US Geological Survey website, with links to current floods, past floods, and additional resources.    Here is a link to the agency's flood resources:

Bamboo DiRT (Digital Research Tools)

Hi All,

I'd like to share info about a community driven, online registry of helpful digital research tools: Bamboo DiRT (Digital Research Tools). You can find research tools to help you share or vizualize data, edit images, or ones designed for iPads. It’s geared towards scholars; however, anyone interested in locating a variety of online research tools (both free and fee) should find this useful.

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