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National Engagement Process to Improve the Skills of Low-Skilled Adults

Join Kick-Off Session of the National Engagement Process to Improve the Skills of Low-Skilled Adults

November 20, 2013 at 9:00 am ET

Journal Article: The PIAAC Literacy Framework and Adult Reading Instruction: An Introduction for Adult Educators

This is an excellent article for adult educators and organized instruction. This published work is from volume one, issue one of the new ProLiteracy peer-reviewed, online research journal, Adult Literacy Education: The International Journal of Literacy, Language, and Numeracy. This article is written by Amy R. Trawick, CALLA.

PIAAC data coming for all states and counties in the U.S.

Hello Program Management Colleagues,

Some of you have been waiting for the good news below about PIAAC from the American Institutes for Research (AIR).  Here are two of the highlights from the latest AIR  PIAAC update, The Buzz:

PIAAC Small Area Estimates: Coming in 2020


Data to Support Funding Proposals or to Advocate for Adult Basic Skills (including English for immigrants)

Program Management and Professional Development colleagues,

Looking for needs data to support your funding proposals, or to advocate for adult basic skills, including English for Immigrants?

Below are four potentially useful sources. What other sources would you add to this list?

David J. Rosen, Moderator

LINCS CoP Program Management group


Program for the International Assessment of Adult Competencies (PIAAC)

Literacy Guide

Reading and Writing Colleagues,

I want to call your attention to this new free publication by Amy Trawick based on the PIAAC conceptual framework, and with concrete, practical ideas for teaching reading.

This might be a good guide for a professional development reading group!

David J. Rosen


Problem Solving in Technology-Rich Environments (PS-TRE)

Integrating Technology Colleagues,

Jen Vanek, Director of the IDEAL Consortium in the Ed Tech Center at World Education, has written a guide to Problem Solving in Technology-Rich Environments (PS-TRE), based in part on the PIAAC PS-TRE conceptual framework and with concrete, practical advice for teachers. Take a look, and perhaps later this spring or summer, we can invite Jen to discuss this with us.

David J. Rosen, Moderator

Integrating Technology CoP


Coming August 2015… PIAAC Education and Skills Online

Coming August 2015… Education and Skills Online

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AIR-PIAAC Research Conference - December 11 & 12, 2014

Good afternoon all,

The AIR-PIAAC’s First Research Conference, Taking the Next Step with PIAAC: A Research-to-Action Conference, will be held on December 11 and 12 at the Key Bridge Marriott Hotel in Alexandria, VA.  This conference, hosted by the American Institutes for Research (AIR) and Dollar General,  will provide an opportunity to learn about key findings from the 11 research papers commissioned by AIR through funding provided by the U. S. Department of Education's National Center for Education Statistics.  The research papers can be found at this link:

PIAAC Survey results: Next steps

You may recall that about a year ago, the results of the PIAAC were released. If you are new to the adult literacy and numeracy world, you may have missed this event. The PIAAC represented an international effort to assess adults' literacy and numeracy levels. PIAAC is the acronym for the Program for the International Assessment of Adult Competencies. The work based on those results included reshaping federal job training programs and initiatives in adult education. Documents and research continue to be disseminated regarding the PIAAC results. 

Infographic: Improving Skills of Young Adults

PIAAC Gateway released a new infographic: Getting Back Up to Speed. The infographic focuses on the skills of U.S young adults (ages 16-24) and uses PIAAC data to provide insight into how their skills compare to other countries in today's global economy.


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