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PIAAC Literacy Circle Invitation

Greetings, All. The Reading and Writing CoP will be launching a four-week micro group, from September 11 - October 8th, with the possibility of continuing if members wish. I will be posting reminders here when the date approaches, but I wanted to give you a heads up.

This micro group promises to produce very effective activities to support reading and writing instruction among adults, following the premises included in the materials that will serve as our guide in developing activities. Below are more details, which will be shared more broadly starting next month.


Full Report Available: Making Skills Everyone's Business

Hi all,

The full report, Making Skills Everyone's Business, is now available.  This report is based on:

Disturbing Statistic about Adults in the U.S.

Hello All!

International assessment of learners: PIACC results

Researching and reporting on the PIAAC data


The opportunity exists for our colleagues to use the PIAAC data set for further analysis around substantive research questions. If you're interested, here is a link to an announcement that is inviting you to propose data analysis and a report of your findings. Best of all or at least in addition, you could even earn some money for your efforts. One could also identify some of your colleagues in the Reading and Writing community and jointly develop a proposal. Share the work and the rewards!

PIAAC - Have we reached a Numeracy Crisis in the U.S.?

ED Invites Participation and Feedback to Improve U.S. Adults’ Skills

[The following information is taken directly from OVAE Connection - Issue 178 -  January 9, 2014]

ED Invites Participation and Feedback to Improve U.S. Adults’ Skills

Time for the US to Reskill?

Hello Colleagues, Some of you may have an interest in the latest PIAAC report. The OECD U.S. report Time for the U.S. to Reskill? What the Survey of Adult Skills Says outlines PIAAC results in some detail for the United States. This report is now available online at Programs will want to draw upon the details in this report in their advocacy efforts.


"Boosting Adult Educational Skills Can Grow the Middle Class"

A new article, "Boosting Adult Educational Skills Can Grow the Middle Class", is available via the Center for American Progress website and can be found at:

Watch for a Series of Articles on PIAAC Findings

Hello All,

The following announcement appeared in last week's Department of Ed's OVAE Connections newsletter.  In the past this information has informed the creation of educational programming in corrections classrooms and continues to be of interest especially regarding the use of new technologies in education and vocational training.


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