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prison education

Moving students beyond their HSE outside of corrections.


Open Educational Resources for use in Corrections

A few of us in the Northwest are working on collecting and sharing open educational resources that are appropriate for use in Corrections.  We've started curating those at a site

We are also collecting solutions to the challenge of bringing technology into Corrections Education.  Each month we meet virtually to discuss these solutions and catalog those discussions and solutions on the site.

What Works: Some Prison Education Programs Can Reduce Recidivism


Another study supports the conclusion that some prison education programs are effective, that they reduce recidivism. See a short article about this at and the full report at

"Culture Shift" Revealed in Study of Major Reentry Initiative

News from the National Institute of Justice's Journal:

The first phase of an NIJ-funded evaluation finds that re-entry programs are moving toward a rehabilitative philosophy and an acceptance of evidence-based practices.

In the last three decades, the number of inmates released from the nation's prisons each year increased fourfold. Recidivism rates continue to be alarmingly high.

Please Check Out Upcoming CEA Conferences

Hello All,

This is Conference Season and there are lots of offerings available from the Correctional Education Association (CEA) and others!  If you have time to make inquiries there are even some scholarships available to help with expenses.  The following are upcoming CEA events and contact information.  Please feel free to submit any other regional or relevant conference that are on your radar.


CEA Upcoming Events

Vera Institute Correctional Education Discussion

Hello All,

I just returned from a wonderful gathering of professionals and policy-makers in the field of correctional education hosted by the Vera Institute in order to discuss how we as a professional community can better serve correctional education students.  The discussion grew from a previous ED summit held last Fall which began this important discussion.  Throughout the day we talked about many varied subjects within the field. What I'd like to do is share with the group a few topics at a time and ask for your feedback.

Correctional Education Resources

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