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In Case You Missed It: Wisconsin Company Offers To Implant Employees With Microchips

Science is moving forward at a rapid pace and technology implants for shopping convenience are being introduced. You may have read about this Wisconsin based company that is offering to implant its employees.  The goal is to use the chips at vending machines, convenience stores, and fitness centers. The Wisconsin company appears to offer this as a voluntary option, offering convenience to employees as they can now simply use their hands to unlock doors and /  or buy snacks in the break room.

Who owns your DNA?


Privacy in a world of technology driven personal assistants.

The Amazon Echo and the Google Home were huge Christmas items for many familes. These tech driven personal assistants can change the thermometer in your home, turn on and off lights, bring up music play lists, and even help with homework. (I've asked our Amazon Echo how to spell a word or to look up a fact online and get me the information I needed.) I've also searched for recipes, set alarms, and done hundreds of things that make life just a little simpler.

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