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K-1 Phonetics-First Writing and Reading with Truespel and Beyond

It has been found that children make up their own phonetics in order to write, and those that do are among the best readers.  Now it is possible to use truespel phonetics for initial writing and reading to enhance phonemic awareness as well as making writing easy to do in regular letters phonetically.  There are many other uses, such as interventions, assessments, and ESL.  Truespel is free on the internet at and links to phonics because it's phonics based with many phonics studies to show frequency of spelling of the 40 US English phonemes.  See 

pronunciation programs for healthcare providers



I received a query from a local hospital and was wondering if you had any helpful hints.  

Occasionally, they will have a doctor/nurse who has a strong mastery of the English language, but due to their accent, voice inflections, tone of voice, etc., it is difficult for staff and patients to understand them.  They wanted to know if there was any program that could assist health care providers (who are E.S.O.L.) in being understood.

Thanks for your input!

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