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Assessing and Teaching Problem Solving Skills in a Technology-rich Environment

Hello Integrating Technology Colleagues,

Problem Solving in Technology-Rich Environments (PS-TRE)

Integrating Technology Colleagues,

Jen Vanek, Director of the IDEAL Consortium in the Ed Tech Center at World Education, has written a guide to Problem Solving in Technology-Rich Environments (PS-TRE), based in part on the PIAAC PS-TRE conceptual framework and with concrete, practical advice for teachers. Take a look, and perhaps later this spring or summer, we can invite Jen to discuss this with us.

David J. Rosen, Moderator

Integrating Technology CoP


PIAAC and Problem Solving in Technology-Rich Environments


At a recent international conference sponsored by the Centre for Literacy in Montreal on the Survey of Adult Skills (PIAAC) assessment there were several presentations about Problem Solving in Technology-Rich Environments, including one by Heidi Silver-Pacuilla and one by me. Papers and slides will be found at I would be interested to hear your questions and comments on these.

David J. Rosen

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