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Deeper Learning Through Questioning (Math)

Many LINCS members have taken and benefited greatly from the course, "Deeper Learning Through Questioning."   The basic activities in that course investigate the following ideas:

Students Generating Their Own Questions

Hello friends, In what ways do you structure opportunities for students to generate their own questions about the content you are teaching? When students ask their own questions, they are likely to be motivated to discover the answers to these questions, so I'm curious how teachers are supporting students to raise their own questions. KWL is one tool many teachers use for this purpose. Has KWL worked for you? What other techniques do you use?

Cheers, Susan

Moderator, Assessment CoP

Teacher feedback: "very good"

Hello friends, An article I read some time ago by Wong and Waring (2009) made me think about my feedback to learners. How often do I respond by saying “very good” when students give a correct answer to my questions and then quickly move on? I recognized that my behavior was similar to what the authors described. When students responded to a question correctly, I would often say “good” and quickly go on to the next thing.

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