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Challenges in Corrections Education

I invite you to review the U.S. Department of Education: A Reentry Education Model. The report explores a few challenges caused by a potential lack of coordination and communication between institutions and community-based education programs. T of the disconnects explored include: 

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"Server in a backback" jobs, career and career pathways project in two Memphis area prisons and reentry programs

Career Pathways, Correctional and Reentry Education, and Integrating Technology Colleagues,

Here's some news from the Adult Literacy XPRIZE November 17 Pulse Newsletter about a jobs, career and career pathways project in two Memphis area prisons and reentry programs.

National Reentry Week: April 23—29

Led by the Department of Justice, National Reentry Week is happening again in 2017. National Reentry Week events will be held during the week of April 23rd-29th, 2017, and agencies and organizations will host or attend reentry-related events . We at ED hope that your organization or agency will be able to join us in these events or consider supporting your own event.

 During this year’s Reentry Week, DOJ and its partners are sponsoring activities across the country aimed at raising awareness and improving reentry outcomes, including:

Technology & Workforce Re-entry: Online Learning as an Alternative webinar

Hosted by Digital Promise

Wednesday, June 29, 2016 
12:00-1:00PM (EST)
9:00 AM to 10:00 AM (PDT)

Reentry Week

The Department of Education is excited to participate in the Department of Justice's Inaugural Reentry Week. Education, beginning while people are incarcerated and continuing in the community, is critical to successful reentry.

Improved Reentry Education Grant Notice

Federal Register Notice: Applications Now Available for New Award from the Office of Career, Technical, and Adult Education for Improved Reentry Education (IRE)

July 13, 2015: Applications Available

Pre-Application Webinar: July 20, 2015, at 2 PM (EST)*

Deadline for Applications: August 12, 2015

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White House Champions of Change Event Today -- Watch the Livestream!

White House Event on Monday: on June 30 the White House will host a day-long event focused on improving employment outcomes for individuals with a criminal record. The event will include a "Champions of Change" program honoring individuals around the country who are doing extraordinary work to facilitate employment opportunities for individuals formerly involved with the justice system.

The New Reentry Council Reentry Mythbusters

The new Reentry MythBusters from the Reentry Council are here!  Please take a moment to look them over and share your thoughts with the group.

Ford and California Wellness Foundations Launch Reentry Initiative

The Ford and California Wellness Foundations co-hosted an amazing program to affirm California's commitment to promoting reentry skills building and job readiness programming.  Lead by the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department and the Attorney General's Office, this initiative is a GREAT first step...

"Culture Shift" Revealed in Study of Major Reentry Initiative

News from the National Institute of Justice's Journal:

The first phase of an NIJ-funded evaluation finds that re-entry programs are moving toward a rehabilitative philosophy and an acceptance of evidence-based practices.

In the last three decades, the number of inmates released from the nation's prisons each year increased fourfold. Recidivism rates continue to be alarmingly high.


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