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Department of Veterans Affairs to Expand Service Dog Benefits

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) recently announced that it is piloting a program for mobility service dogs approved for Veterans with a chronic impairment that substantially limits mobility associated with mental health disorders.  VA has been providing veterinary benefits to Veterans diagnosed as having visual, hearing or substantial mobility impairments.

U.S. Department of Defense to host the National Resource Directory of Rehabilition Resources for Military Personnel and Veterans

The National Resource Directory (NRD) provides Wounded Warriors, Service Members, Veterans, and their support systems access to more than 17,500 federal, state and local services and resources to support recovery, rehabilitation, and community integration.  The NRD is being relocated to a Department of Defense hosting environment with the intent of improving the site’s capabilities for users in the future. 

"Culture Shift" Revealed in Study of Major Reentry Initiative

News from the National Institute of Justice's Journal:

The first phase of an NIJ-funded evaluation finds that re-entry programs are moving toward a rehabilitative philosophy and an acceptance of evidence-based practices.

In the last three decades, the number of inmates released from the nation's prisons each year increased fourfold. Recidivism rates continue to be alarmingly high.

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