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Current events topic for social studies and/or science

Happy New Year, everyone! As we start a new decade, one of the events in the news is the devastating fires in Austrailia which could make a relevant topic for a social studies and/or a science-related lesson.

Here's a link to a CNet story on "Everything we Know" about these fires. The topics covered include:

What's all the buzz about OERs and STEM

Hi all, 

As we are approaching the new academic year, I invite you to explore the OER STEM Project. Check out the section on Ways to Use OER for STEM Instruction. The topics found in OERS can be suited for science instruction and can help fill the gap between existing materials and needed materials. 

Do you use OERs in your science classroom? If so, what do you use and how do you integrate them into your instruction? If you have not yet used OERs, what support do you need to begin using them? 

I'd love to hear your thoughts. 

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New Course: Using Open Educational Resources for Science

The LINCS Professional Development Center is offering a virtually facilitated, freely available course on Open Educational Resources (OER) for science. The OER course was created by American Institutes for Research (AIR). The course is facilitated by a highly experienced LINCS Facilitator. Registration is limited to 15 participants.

All About Science at the COABE Conference


Several science enthusiasts are working collaboratively with COABE to discuss the potential for a future Science Conference Strand. We are looking for your feedback. What would you like to see as conference sessions? What were some of your favorite / most interesting topics of discussion from LINCS or even other conference presentations? 

Our goal is to begin to gather data to so the presentations meet your needs. 

We are looking forward to your feedback. 


Winter Solstice on December 21!

The Winter Solstice is approaching on December 21! The solstice marks the day with the least daylight hours before our days start getting longer here in the Northern Hemisphere.  It's also a day of celebration for many traditions around the world. Is anyone planning special lessons in science or social studies to mark the occasion?  

Opioid Addiction Curriculum: Operation Prevention

The U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) and Discovery Education have created Operation Prevention's classroom resources, which provides educators with curriculum aligned to national health and science standards. Through a series of hands-on investigations, these resources introduce learners to the science behind opioids, and their impact on the brain and body.  Operation Prevention has reached over 1M individuals nationwide, and is available in English and Spanish.

April's LINCS Resource for STEM Education

Science Understanding Of Online Reviews Leads to Improved Heath Decisions

I invite you to read Online Reviews Can Make Over The Counter Drugs Look Way Too Effective. The blog post discusses how 'evidence-based hearsay' and personal anecdotes overshadow clinical trial results. Highlights include: 

Is it STEM or STEAM? And is their room for art in adult education?

STEM education is considered essential for economic and workplace skill development, but there is a push to move beyond the science, technology, engineering, and math to include arts education. The idea behind the STEAM movement is to integrate application of ideas, creation, and ingenuity – ideas proponents believe are not fully inclusive in STEM instruction.  In order to move from STEM to STEAM, the following core elements:


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