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All About Science at the COABE Conference


Several science enthusiasts are working collaboratively with COABE to discuss the potential for a future Science Conference Strand. We are looking for your feedback. What would you like to see as conference sessions? What were some of your favorite / most interesting topics of discussion from LINCS or even other conference presentations? 

Our goal is to begin to gather data to so the presentations meet your needs. 

We are looking forward to your feedback. 


Winter Solstice on December 21!

The Winter Solstice is approaching on December 21! The solstice marks the day with the least daylight hours before our days start getting longer here in the Northern Hemisphere.  It's also a day of celebration for many traditions around the world. Is anyone planning special lessons in science or social studies to mark the occasion?  

Opioid Addiction Curriculum: Operation Prevention

The U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) and Discovery Education have created Operation Prevention's classroom resources, which provides educators with curriculum aligned to national health and science standards. Through a series of hands-on investigations, these resources introduce learners to the science behind opioids, and their impact on the brain and body.  Operation Prevention has reached over 1M individuals nationwide, and is available in English and Spanish.

April's LINCS Resource for STEM Education

Science Understanding Of Online Reviews Leads to Improved Heath Decisions

I invite you to read Online Reviews Can Make Over The Counter Drugs Look Way Too Effective. The blog post discusses how 'evidence-based hearsay' and personal anecdotes overshadow clinical trial results. Highlights include: 

Is it STEM or STEAM? And is their room for art in adult education?

STEM education is considered essential for economic and workplace skill development, but there is a push to move beyond the science, technology, engineering, and math to include arts education. The idea behind the STEAM movement is to integrate application of ideas, creation, and ingenuity – ideas proponents believe are not fully inclusive in STEM instruction.  In order to move from STEM to STEAM, the following core elements:

Are we alone in the Universe?

In case you missed it, NASA announced the discovery of the largest batch of Earth-size, Habitable Zone planets. These planets rotate around a smaller star than our sun, but three of these planets, just like Earth, are in the "Goldilocks Zone". This habitabal zone means the conditions are 'just right' and there is liquid water. These planets can potentially support life as we know it.  Trappist-1 is 40 LIGHT YEARS away, but the science world is full of excitement right now.  

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Preparing students for writing in Science

The GED(r) Science test requires students to draft a short answer to a specific prompt. I'd love to hear your questions, tips, and strategies for helping students grasp the writing skills needed to be successful in this content area.  

I encourage you to look at the GED Guide and then share your ideas with our group.




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