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Exploring the metacognition cycle

Hello colleagues, Professor John Spencer explores the "metacognition cycle" in a brief 1 and 1/2 minute video in his blog post, "Five Ways to Boost Metacognition."  The blog also features Spencer's podcast on this topic. I'm wondering what teachers think about the possibility of using this brief video to introduce the concept of metacognition to learners.

You are invited to share your thoughts about this video as well as Spencer's 5 ideas for boosting metacognition.

Student Ownership of Assessment: Key #5

Hello colleagues, We've been highlighting Stanford University researcher and writer Linda Darling-Hammond's comments on 5 keys to comprehensive assessment in this video.

"Instructional" Rubrics

Hello Colleagues, How have you used rubrics in your teaching? Have your students found these tools helpful? Have you ever engaged students in helping to create a rubric? If so, how did that go for you?

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