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Smartphones and Better Health

Health Literacy and Integrating Technology Colleagues,

I am starting a new discussion thread that may be of interest to those interested in technology -- especially smartphone technology -- solutions to better health and health literacy.

E-health and M-health : Health Literacy, Technology and Learning

Health literacy and Technology and Learning Colleagues,

Mobile technology has entered the world of healthcare over the past few years, and it appears likely that the mobile technology trend in health care will continue to accelerate. For example, see this article on "e-health" and "m-health"

Smartphone Literacy

T & L Colleagues,

(I also posted this in the Career Pathways CoP.)

I've been thinking about what "smartphone literacy" could mean. In addition to basic smartphone literacy: knowing how to turn it on; creating, remembering and entering one's password; two-thumb keyboarding; and knowing how to download, update, and organize apps, some of the most important skills are these:

Intersection of digital literacy and health literacy

Health and technology literacy colleagues,


According to a fascinating January 24th video interview with Dr. Eric Topol, aired on NBC TV and archived at ,

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