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Electronic Tablet Management -- software for cleaning, networking, or monitoring


I am looking for software, if it exists, that helps teachers manage tablets in a classroom or other group setting. From time to time teachers who use tablets with their students ask me if there is good software that:

  • Cleans tablets at the end of the day
  • Networks tablets in a LAN and/or
  • Enables a teacher to see what students are doing on their tablets in real time.

It's possible that the software doesn't exist, doesn't work very well, or is too expensive, but perhaps someone in this CoP has some suggestions

Software for screening documents for literacy level

Is anyone using software to screen your health information educational materials for literacy levels (excluding Microsoft Word)?


Language Learning Software

I'm looking for experiences and recommendations for English language learning software. This would be for (mostly) self-directed learning on the computers in our center. Our organization owns Tell Me More and Rosetta Stone, and I can choose to have one or the other in my center (or propose another application entirely). I have looked at both of them, and they seem very different, both with their own pros and cons.

My requirements (more or less):

Education Tools Currently in Use in Facilities

Hello All,

I hope everyone is enjoying this Holiday Season and is staying happy and healthy.

This discussion is more of a survey post.  I'm wondering what tools and technology the majority of Corrections Ed Instructors are currently using in their day to day classroom activities.  Do you have a go-to system of materials for each course taught, or do you use software and systems supplied by your DOC?  What sorts of tools would be on your dream list to make yours and your students' learning better, faster, stronger?

Project-based software or applications to Introduce digital skills

Technology Colleagues,


Math tutoring software programs that attempt to emulate good human math tutors


Have you read the September 14, 2012 New York Times Education Issue article "The Machines are Taking Over"?

It's mostly about the development of one (free) computer tutoring program in math, called ASSISTments.

Here are a few excerpts to whet your interest:

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