Discussion: Science, Math, and Cross Curricular Instruction with the Winter Olympics

I wonder how many of us have watched the 2018 Winter Olympics? As we watch athletes go for the gold, I thought I would share some resources for classroom use. 

Discussion: What about those soft skills?


Discussion: Is Test Anxiety Keeping Women Out of STEM Fields?


Discussion: What skills are needed for STEM development? Add your tips and ideas.


I was reviewing resources and lessons for STEM instruction and I came across 7 Most Important STEM Skills We Should Be Teaching Our Kids. Their list included the following: 

Discussion: April's LINCS Resource for STEM Education

Discussion: Is it STEM or STEAM? And is their room for art in adult education?

STEM education is considered essential for economic and workplace skill development, but there is a push to move beyond the science, technology, engineering, and math to include arts education. The idea behind the STEAM movement is to integrate application of ideas, creation, and ingenuity – ideas proponents believe are not fully inclusive in STEM instruction.  In order to move from STEM to STEAM, the following core elements:

Discussion: February Spotlight for LINCS Resources

Discussion: Getting Started...Again

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