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student-generated questions

Learning to ask questions is both an academic skill AND an essential life skill!

Hello colleagues, How many questions do you think preschoolers ask each day? How about middle school students? What percentage of college graduates believe they have honed the skill of asking important questions? Check out this blog post to find the answers to these questions.

Student-generated Questions About Texts

Hello Colleagues, Having students write their own questions about what they are reading can be a great way to start meaningful, textually rich discussions.  Take a look at this video

Student Writing: Questions in the Margins

Uploaded image from finnmillerHello Colleagues, One of the ways I have found to provide useful feedback to students on their writing is to have them write questions they have about the writing in the margins of the piece they are working on. This process allows me to focus my feedback on the specific issues the learners themselves are grappling with.

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