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International Health Literacy Website Needs Assessment Survey - Please take Survey by August 15, 2019

The International Health Literacy Association (IHLA)’s Standing Committee on Communications and Publications is doing a survey to gather information for the development of the IHLA website. Your information is very valuable and we appreciate your feedback! Please respond by August 15, 2019.

2017 Kessler Foundation National Employment & Disability Survey

The 2017 Kessler Foundation National Employment & Disability Survey: Supervisors Perspecive (KFNEDS: SP) is the first national survey to look at the effectiveness of the practices that employers use to recruit, hire, train, and retain people with disabilities in their organizations, from the unique perspective of supervisors of employees with and without disabilities.  The results offer important new information for employers, policymakers, legislators, and

2016 Educator Survey Results

 Thanks to all of the GED® educators who participated in GED Testing Service's recent online survey. You were candid, as well as generous with your time, and we appreciate it! A total of 1,263 responses were determined to be complete from eligible participants.The results of this survey will help us immediately improve the GED® program. Let’s take a look at some of the findings so you can see how you compare to others. Please click here.

2016 Educator Survey from GED Testing Service

Responses to the 2016 Educator Survey will help GED Testing Service better understand the preferences, and challenges, of GED® educators! Please click here to take the survey before July 22, 2016. Thank you.

Survey questions about people's understanding of their disease/treatment?

Does anyone know of sources or tools that ask questions about people's understanding about their disease (ie what does it mean to have diabetes, what will happen/ be consequence of not taking your blood pressure medicine, etc. and what prevents you from complying with treatment ( obvious question will be about affording meds)?

I know of surveys that address patient satisfaction, but not understanding.  Thanks!

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