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Why does a protective bubble around Earth matter?

Did you know that scientists discovered an artificial bubble around Earth that forms when radio communciations from the ground interact with high-energy radiation particles in space? The bubble forms a protective barrier barrier around Earth. This protects the planet from potentially dangerous space weather like solar flares and other ejections from the sun. To lear more about this recent discovery, check out this article.  

Are we afraid to let students fail?

A recent blog post, Are We Afraid to Let Students Make Mistakes, Maryellen Weimer discusses the challenge teachers experience when letting students make mistakes. While we know the learning gains made from mistakes, educators may feel “responsible for protecting and controlling student learning experiences.” The research Weimer discusses deals with science-based inquiry, but she believes the same concerns exist in all instructional environments.

GED® Educator Tip: Suggestions From A Former Student

Josh Burall Educator Josh Burall understands what it’s like to be a GED® student. That’s because just a few short years ago, he was one!

After losing his job, Josh signed up for GED® classes as part of California’s Welfare to Work program. He excelled in his classes and passed the GED® test in a few short months.

Scrolls in the classroom

Summer break is a great time to discover new ideas!


Scrolls open new avenues for reading research:

Techniques: Working with Adults with Learning Disabilities

Hi all,

I was researching something on LD and found a 1995 ERIC re-print on teaching strategies for adults with LD.  Although it is almost 20 years old, it still includes some universal techniques that may be of interest to you.  It can also be downloaded and photocopied at no cost.

ERIC ED381625: Techniques: Working with Adults with Learning Disabilities. (1995)

Rochelle Kenyon, SME

Guest Discussion - Teaching Strategies: Easing the Pathway for All Adult Learners to Develop Competence in the Classroom and Beyond

Hi group members,

I am very excited in anticipation of our upcoming guest discussion with Laura Digalbo. On Feb. 13 and 14, the topic of Teaching Strategies: Easing the Pathway for All Adult Learners to Develop Competence in the Classroom and Beyond will be presented.  Here is some information to prepare you for the discussion:

Purpose of the Activity:  To provide an opportunity for correctional educators and adult educators and literacy practitioners in general to learn about strategies to use when teaching adults with disabilities.

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