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Have you ever tried jigsaw?

Hello colleagues, You may be familiar with a cooperative learning activity known as jigsaw or expert jigsaw.  Those who are interested can read a description of jigsaw at this link. I value cooperative learning activities since they allow for authentic interaction while also supporting the application of teamwork skills.


Way back in the 90's, when President Bush initiated the SCANS project, apparently all major employers in the US at the time were consulted.From reports at the time, employers claimed that the one skill that new employees were missing and that colleges were not addressing was......... yes, teamwork! We face many challenges integrating teamwork into our activities. How do you do it?

Take a look at this wonderful seven second clip. What do you think? Leecy

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Is group work effective in ABE?

Hello colleagues, We teachers often hear how important it is to engage learners in working in small groups to help them enhance their communication and teamwork skills.  I tend to think that groups that work well together often stimulate more creative thinking.

How effective is group work in your classes? What makes it easy or hard? Do students welcome working with one another? Do you see positive outcomes in terms of student learning from group work?

Evaluating Project-Based Learning?

Hello colleagues, Do you integrate project-based learning in your practice? If so, how do you evaluate projects? Do your projects require collaboration among students? What are some effective ways to assess how teams work together in collaborative projects?

Thanks for sharing your ideas and good practices here in our CoP!

Cheers, Susan Finn Miller

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