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technology and education

LINCS Technology in the Adult Education Classroom Online Course

Hello Members,

Please take a look at the following announcement. This post originally appeared in the Technology and Learning Group, but with a technology "push" of sorts coming to corrections classrooms I encourage you to take a look. Can you see integrating these strategies into your classrooms? What devices might you use? What other options for integrating technology into correctional classrooms might there be?

Coming Soon to the LINCS Learning Portal --- The LINCS Integrating Technology in the Adult Education Classroom Online Course

A Tech Question from an ESL Teacher on the ELL-Group- Apps for NOOKS HD for ELLs

Hi ,Technology and Education Group.

I'm the SME for the English Language Learning Community of Practice. The following question was posted on the ELL CoP a few days ago. No response. I'd like to help the member who posted.

Could anyone in this group respond?  I know you are the people who know! Thanks, Miriam

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