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Ted Talk

Books, Videos, Films and TED Talks that Inspire Teachers


Nine years ago I created the Books and Films which Inspire Teachers page of the Adult Literacy Education (ALE) Wiki. The lists of books, films, made-for-TV movies, Internet Videos, and TED Talks contributed to by adult education teachers are impressive, but never complete, as there are inspiring new ones made each year.

Could a 50-cent microscope change how we teach health or science to adults in the U.S.?

In a 2012 TED Talk Manu Prakash described a 50-cent, rather sophisticated paper microscope that he claimed could change world health. Could it also change adult health education, health liteacy, and science education in the U.S. ? Would you show this video to your ABE or GED students? To your students in health literacy classes? If so, how would you use it? When they are available, would you get these microscopes for your students to use?

“Robot Tech” is revolutionizing the lives of people with disabilities

Hi group members,

Henry Evans, a self-described "mute quadriplegic" delivered a Ted Talk last October in an unorthodox manner.  Evans discusses the challenges he has overcome since his life-changing stroke.  His speech highlights how his work with the organization Robots for Humanity is allowing him to revolutionize what he calls “robot tech” and how it applies for people with disabilities.  

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