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TABE testing with secure Internet?

Hi All,

Does anyone have experience delivering TABE testing over secure Internet, perhaps on tablets?



Adam W. Nathanson

Academic Curriculum Coordinator

Virginia Dept. of Corrections

(804) 887-8057 office

(804) 241-9335 cell

ELL Accommodations with TABE 9 & 10

Dear Colleagues,

In your state Adult Education Assessment Policies, how many of you have a documented procedure for providing accommodations to English Language Leaners on the TABE 9 & 10 assessment (not the CLAS-E).  The only guidance I could find from McGraw-Hill was vague at best:

Portfolio assessment

Hi group users,

The use of portfolios in the assessment process is a topic that we haven't discussed.  

Porfolio assessment is a way of measuring progress for those students with disabilities who are not able to participate in traditional assessment even with accommodations. The basic component is evidence of the student's actual work.

Do any of our K-12 or adult education instructors use portfolio assessment with their students?  Please share any information or experience you may have by posting a Comment below this message.

Rochelle Kenyon, SME


Mental Health in Public Schools

School officials around the U.S. are searching for the best way to offer mental health services in an underfunded system.

"We have schools screening for all kinds of rare infectious diseases, and then we don't screen for common behavioral disorders that are costly to the individual, the family and society," said Mike Dennis, of Chestnut Health Systems. He teaches clinicians in 49 states how to assess and treat patients with mental illness and substance abuse.

Will It Be on the Test? Accountability and Public Schools

Today's issue of OVAE Connection includes this article below focused on K-12 - but it has sweeping implication for parents.  The crux focuses on the question:  who has primary responsibility for student success, the parent or the school?  Here's an excerpt from the article:


Interesting Developments Around the GED

Hello All,

As we speculated earlier here, there are some interesting developments underway regarding the computer-based GED.


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