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Prescription Opiods Case

Greetings, all!  I'm hoping for any insight or wisdom you might have to share in this situation.  Part of our program is 1:1 tutoring at libraries around the county.  In one group, the learner was having trouble focusing and when the tutor asked, "Why?" it led to a discussion of his pain meds.  He disclosed to his tutor last week that he is on a steady dose of morphine pills and explained the specific does to his tutor.  I checked with a doctor friend of mine, and he said that dose would be high even for a dying cancer patient.  Both for my learner's health and to improve his learning in tu

(WEBINAR) Supporting Student Success: Supporting the Whole Student

On May 9, 2017, from 2-3 p.m. (EST), the U.S. Department of Education’s Supporting Student Success project team will host a webinar titled Supporting Student Success: Supporting the Whole Student. The one-hour webinar will provide promising practices in adult education and developmental education programming which leads towards greater student success and completion.

LINCS Learner Web web-based professional development courses for teachers and tutors


I want to call your attention to a free LINCS Learner Web professional development portal sponsored by Literacyworks. The site includes Learning Plans (individually-paced curricula) that in this case focus on adult literacy education professional development. Each Learning Plan is driven by a learning goal. Current goals include:


English Language Learning University (ELL-U )

  1. ELL-U Emergent Readers: Introduction
  2. ELL-U Vocabulary Club: Introduction

Teaching Reading

Peer tutoring in adult education

A substantial research base indicates the value of one on one tutoring. Usually those studies involved a trained specialist or instructor providing intensive instruction to the tutees. Peer tutoring hasn't shown as strong of effects but the effects can be quite positive. In traditional school settings, we see age-mates and cross-age tutors used in instructional tasks. Again, the results can be quite beneficial for both participants.

How is peer tutoring used in your instructional practices? In which academic content or skills instruction do you have a peer tutoring activity?

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Math tutoring software programs that attempt to emulate good human math tutors


Have you read the September 14, 2012 New York Times Education Issue article "The Machines are Taking Over"?

It's mostly about the development of one (free) computer tutoring program in math, called ASSISTments.

Here are a few excerpts to whet your interest:

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