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Let's Build a Video Library App Together!

CrowdED Learning is currently running a crowdsourcing experiment to see how many learning videos we can accumulate by the end of the next year. The premise is simple:

Books, Videos, Films and TED Talks that Inspire Teachers


Nine years ago I created the Books and Films which Inspire Teachers page of the Adult Literacy Education (ALE) Wiki. The lists of books, films, made-for-TV movies, Internet Videos, and TED Talks contributed to by adult education teachers are impressive, but never complete, as there are inspiring new ones made each year.

Should we be teaching Video literacy, including video communication skills?

English teaching colleagues,

I recently read an article in the Huffington Post on video literacy. . This part of the article got me thinking:

Questions about USTREAM and other free videorecording and streaming software

Technology and Learning colleagues,

PD Video Tip: Media Library of Teaching Skills (MLoTS)

PD Colleagues,

Health literacy and vocabulary development through video


A recent medical study found that patients significantly increased their understanding of basic prostate cancer medical terms through watching a video. This may have some interesting implications for health literacy educators and also for teaching vocabulary in other contexts.

Science videos update

Science and health literacy teaching colleagues,

HBO documentary, “Journey into Dyslexia"

Hi group members,

A new HBO documentary film entitled  “Journey into Dyslexia,” presents profiles of dyslexic students and adults who share their experiences of struggling in school and then succeeding in life.  The strength of the video is because of the many adult professionals who speak to viewers about how they once struggled to learn in school, but now consider their dyslexia a unique gift and the defining reason behind their success.

Help for Adults with ADHD

Hi group members,

I just watched a short segment from an ABC news program where an adult woman with ADHD discusses her life challenges and the lessons she has learned.  It includes such advice as establishing and keeping a routine, using time management skills, planning ahead, eating a healthy diet, and using a workout program.

You can find the video at  

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