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Free adult education science videos online

Science teaching colleagues,

I am interested in  free, online, adult-oriented science and math teaching videos. (You can download  a 21-page list of math instructional videos I put together, organized by math topic, and with an introduction about how to use them, from  )

Dyscalculia, the Math Learning Disability - Video

Hello group members,

Has anyone had experience with students/clients diagnosed with Dyscalculia, the math learning disability?  How did that affect the instructional strategies you used in the classroom with that person?

Here is an interesting informational video on Dyscalculia by Dr. Sheldon Horowitz from the National Center for Learning Disabilities (NCLD) for those wanting more information.

ABE and ASE/GED Math Videos list

Numeracy, Technology and Professional Development colleagues,

Have you used the (free) ABE and ASE/GED Math Videos list for integrating short online videos in your math teaching? If so, how are you using these (or other} instructional videos?


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