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TABE 11/12 Vocabulary

To all:

I'm wondering if anyone has resource suggestions in terms of vocabulary in regards to TABE 11/12.  We have noticed that our students are having issues answering questions because they do not know the words being used in the question. In addition, does anyone have recommendations on how to teach vocabulary in a short time frame.

Any suggestions would be helpful.

Thank you for your time and consideration in this matter.


Melissa Perry

Summer Learning Ideas

Hello colleagues, Summer break is just around the corner. In fact, many classes end in the next week or two. I'm wondering what you provide or recommend to students to encourage them to keep studying throughout the summer.

High Quality Lesson Plans Online

Hello Colleagues, I'm interested in the role of vocabulary in standards-based teaching. I'm convinced that teaching academic vocabulary explicitly and well is essential. In my cursory review of the CCRS, I noted that vocabulary is mentioned in the following standards:

Technology Tools for Teaching Vocabulary

Hi everyone, Here is a link to an article that highlights some interesting technology tools for teaching and assessing vocabulary. I have used Word Sift and Wordle for creating word clouds, which can be fun and useful. Have you used word clouds in your teaching? If so, in what ways?

Health literacy and vocabulary development through video


A recent medical study found that patients significantly increased their understanding of basic prostate cancer medical terms through watching a video. This may have some interesting implications for health literacy educators and also for teaching vocabulary in other contexts.

Jigsaw Vocabulary

Hello friends, I recently came across a Teaching Channel video that demonstrates a vocabulary activity that intrigued me. I was eager to try this activity out and was able to do so last week. I'll explain how it worked in my pre-CNA class.

Do you give vocabulary quizzes?

Hello friends, I have posted previously about how I approach teaching academic vocabulary. I have drawn ideas from the work of several theorists and researchers including Isabel Beck and her colleagues and Susanna Dutro and Kate Kinsella. First of all, I explain the new word using student-friendly language rather than a dictionary definition.

Vocabulary in Math Instruction & Peer Feedback

Hello Colleagues, One of the things that I am pleased about with the College and Career Readiness Standards is the emphasis on language across the curriculum -- not only in language arts instruction -- and not only for English learners. The folks at Stanford University have been focused on this issue for K12 teachers for some time, and I have found the resources at their Understanding Language website to be really wonderful.

Tricky Health Vocabulary

What health-related words do your students have trouble with? Are there some that you could use help in explaining? Let's share some ideas!

And here are some resources to help:

A tutoring conundrum

One of our teachers has assigned students oh, a rather large number of vocabulary words (over a hundred), and then worksheets where students have to match definitions to the words.   

Now, happily, the students don't have to wade through all the vocab; he basically takes the next 15 or so in the list and scrambles the order of those fifteen so the students have to look up the word, and then scan the ten or fifteen definitions to find one that matches.   

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