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Let's Build a Video Library App Together!

CrowdED Learning is currently running a crowdsourcing experiment to see how many learning videos we can accumulate by the end of the next year. The premise is simple:

Technology: Friend or Foe? How do we decide?

I have to is with increasing frequency that I find myself in a crisis of conscience with tech these days :( 

YouTube and Science Instruction? Absolutely


Several months ago, I organized a list of science based podcasts that would help students build background knowledge in a variety of science topics on the go. Recently, I came across a listing of Youtube Channels that are great for science instruction so I thought I would highlight a couple more resources that can help students build science skills in a non-threatening way. 

AlphaPlus blog features short articles on YouTube in the classroom and the flipped classroom


AlphaPlus in Canada has a technology blog that's often very good, I found thec urrent  featured technology articles,  YouTube in the classroom and The Fuss over Flipped Classroom (an engaging Piktochart! digital poster) of interest. You may too.


David J. Rosen

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