Summertime Reading, Learning, and Twitter Lists

Dear PD Colleagues,

I hope your summer’s going well! I’d like to know what you’ve been doing this summer with respect to your own professional development. What is your learning goal this summer? What are you reading? Or, what areas of interest (as it intersects with adult education) grab your attention most? It might be a broad topic. Or maybe you’re interested in learning a new tool, device, software, or social media that will help you to improve your practice in teaching or professional development.

I’ve been focusing on becoming a better curator. In thinking about what information to curate through the lens of adult education, it can quickly become overwhelming!  So questions I’m struggling with include “What exactly should I capture?” “How do I categorize it?” “How do I make those categories appealing and useful to others who may be following?”

Currently I’m looking for ways to maximize my use of Twitter lists. If Twitter’s your thing, here’s an article I’ve found useful:

Twitter Lists -- 23 Creative Uses and Helpful Tips, by Kevan Lee

I particularly like idea #s 2, 5, and 12. #2 suggests making a list of all conference or workshop goers to find out what they’re tweeting. While a hashtag might accomplish something similar, you’re sure to get every tweet without paying for an archival service. While it sounds time-intensive, it would also be a way to recognize/give kudos to those who are new to Twitter. How are others using Twitter lists?

BTW – I’ve made a list of adult education staff developers:

I'm interested to see and read what others in our field of adult literacy PD are tweeting. If you’re on Twitter and work in staff development, please DM or MT me @jataylor10 and I’ll add you to the list.

What are others learning this summer?


Jackie Taylor

Moderator, Evidence-based Professional Development COP


I'm taking a World Ed course on College Readiness and a TESOL International course on continuous PD for ESL.  Yes, my head is swimming because we are not off in the summer here at the Texas Center for the Advancement of Literacy and Learning.

I'm not much of a Twitter user, but thanks for the list!

One of my favorite things to do is review journals and add things to my Diigo account (which I share with Debra Hargrove, my boss) and keep an "articles" library in my Dropbox.  I also add any new tech ideas to my Symbaloo or, if appropriate, my running list of websites and applications for AEL.  That way I have them at my fingertips when I need them. 

Enjoy the rest of your summer!