Teaching with Technology: Build Your Own Cookbook with USDA Mixing Bowl website

Dear Colleagues:

Have you ever created a recipe book with your class or at your program?  There’s a lot to be learned through the process:  vocabulary terms, the strange U.S. measurement system, conversation practice with store clerks, and sharing favorite recipes and memories. 

Now, you and your students can practice using technology in the process.  That’s right!  The USDA Mixing Bowl website gives you and your students an opportunity to create your own cookbook by searching through a wide-ranging group of healthy recipes from their household recipe collection. 

Strawberry S’Mores, Corn Casserole, 20-Minute Chicken Creole, 7 Bean Veggie Chili?  Sound delicious?  They are.  And, each recipe includes cooking time and cost per serving.  Just “click” to add a recipe to your cookbook.   Cooking with children this summer?  Download one of the website’s complete cookbooks:  Recipes for Healthy Kids.  The USDA even describes the “kid-approval” process so you and your students won’t hear what I used to hear when trying out yet another kid-healthy (unapproved) recipe:  “Are we eating rocks and minerals tonight?”

Have you examined recipes or created a recipe book with your students or at your program?  What was your educational goal?  What did you find were the student learning outcomes?


Health Literacy Moderator


Cynthia, I love the resource. In my teacher training of ESL instructors, food is a favorite topic among teachers for creating all sorts of projects that reinforce math, speaking, reading, and writing. Cookbooks, recipes, grocery shopping, meal planning and more come up a lot. One of the assignments in the course is for students to create a simple WebQuest for their students. In my last session, I had lots of projects around food and nutrition, including cookbooks,  which I still have to publish. Below are a couple of samples from earlier courses. I'll be sure to share those from my last class as soon as I get them online!



Leecy Wise