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Hello colleagues, I am certain that many members are familiar with O*NET's My Next Move website.  Individuals can complete O*Net's Interest Profiler assessment to get information about careers that match their skills, interests and personalities. In this way, participants may come upon career possibilities they had never before considered. The website also provides lots of details about various careers, including whether the job is in demand in a particular geographic area as well as what the pay range is, and what level of education or training might be required.

I'm curious how programs are using this or other similar assessment tools as part of supporting students toward their career goals.

Cheers, Susan Finn Miller

Moderator, Assessment CoP



I am a big fan of using interest, personality, skill assessments with student of all ages.  It leads to discussion, research and creating pathways.  At the Tutorial Center,, we work with incoming students through an orientation week using these basic tools.  This helps students make more informed decisions and is reflected in the Grad Education Plan,


The O*NET Computerized Interest Profiler is utilized in the National External Diploma Program to help the participant identify aptitudes and interests in many different occupational areas. It is used as part of a job search simulation in the Generalized Assessment phase of the program and to aid the participant in determining the College and Career Competency requirement of the program.

The College and Career Competency is a critical component of the NEDP. It complements the reading, writing, math, speaking, listening and technology skills that NEDP graduates demonstrate throughout the program and highlights these skills in the context of the college and career goals of the NEDP participants. In addition, the College and Career Competency recognizes the life and work experience of NEDP participants, and documents occupational and advanced academic skills that can be applied to getting a job, retaining a job, advancing in a job and/or entering college.

Use of the O*NET Computerized Interest Profiler helps the participant determine which of three options to utilize to document the skills needed for a career in the 21st century and to plan for next steps after earning the high school diploma:

  • Occupational/vocational skills allow the candidate to document work experience and specialized work skills such as welding and customer service.

  • Specialized skills permit the client to demonstrate distinct competencies that provide a possible source of independent income, entry-level job skills, or active participation in community volunteer activities or self-employed business success.

  • Transition to Postsecondary Education competencies [formerly Advanced Academic] allows the candidate to demonstrate readiness for postsecondary education and to complete transition work to ensure success.

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