Suggestions for LINCS Resource Collection

Correctional Education Stakeholders- 

Are there resources (e.g. instructional materials, curricula, research) that you think should be included in the LINCS Resource Collection? Let us know here! 


I would love to see computer resources that are suitable for the corrections environment.  The computers that we do have access to are old and will not run much of the software that is available.  In addition, our inmates are not allowed internet access, so many of the things that will run on the systems cannot be run in the classrooms.  Old computer friendly offline software would be an immense help.

When pricing software on, I often see versions from the early 2000s for only a few dollars. (The shipping actually costs more than the software.) If you know the kind of software you want, this might be a good place to look. The same is probably true for eBay. I occasionally see a bin of old software at my local Roses department store, and it seems like something someone might try to sell at a flea market.

A number of the students that I work with are ESL students.  There is difficulty finding age appropriate ESL math material.  It would be helpful to have a repository of such materials.