Conversation based assessments

 The following link is an interesting view on conversational interaction used as an assessment tool. Take a look at the following link to see if this has merit.R&D Connections No. 25. Discussion welcomed.


Hello colleagues, Thanks for sharing the link to this brief ETS video focused on the possibilities for conversation-based assessment between humans and computers, Joanne. This is pretty fascinating. As the researchers point out in the video as well as in their 2015 paper in ETS's R & D Connections, conversations between humans and computer avatars have been used in learning games for some time.  Check out the paper to see some concrete examples of what this might look like for assessing math and science.

What are members' thoughts about this approach to assessment? The authors suggest that this approach could be used for both formative and summative assessment. What questions are raised for you about this?

Cheers, Susan Finn Miller

Moderator, Assessment CoP