Resources for Adult Students


Did you know that Federal Student Aid has several great resources specifically for adult students? See the following downloadable PDFs at

Also, Federal Student Aid has created an online tool for adult students who may need to improve their skills or knowledge about attending college or a career school. See the adult student checklist in the Prepare for College section of the site. 



Thank you.

Lisa Rhodes





Hello Lisa, 

Thanks for posting these links. I liked the Adult Student Checklist and plan to use it in my work. The only thing about it that I would change, if I could, is to mention the services that the Adult Education programs provide in preparing students for their GED esp. since most of these programs are free for adult learners. 


Priyanka Sharma

I just wanted to share two great resources that are highlighted in the Toolkit and that also need to be introduced to our adult students. 

1. College Affordability and Transparency Center ( - You can research the colleges and their tution rates, and the best part is that search results are integrated to CollegeNavigator so that you can get detailed information on the college that your students are interested in. 

2. FAFSA4Caster ( - This website is a great resource for students to understand their options for paying for college. It also gives them a clear sense of how much aid is available and familiarizes them with the Pell grant and Stafford loan options. All of this information is available even before they are ready to enroll. 



Some of the resources you shared above will be very helpful for us in practice. I was wondering if you can help us with other Financial Aid "mythbusting" resources that teachers and couselors can use with their students.

One of the questions that I get a lot is - "Do I have to give my Social Security Number to get Financial Aid?"



Priyanka Sharma