Monday's Google Hangout

Yesterday was my first Google Hangout with Leecy, David, Ed and Mary. It took a little time to get the hang of it (!), but once we started it was a very pleasant and informative experience.

For one thing, it is great to “meet” people face-to-face, so to speak.

Anyway, we discussed the importance of technology in adult education, and I explained how I use WhatsApp and Facebook in my Distance Learning ESL program, as an example of a useful addition to any class.

Up to ten people can meet in a hangout, and I am now able to add Hangouts to my course for students who need face-to-face classes.

We chatted for about an hour, and the only thing missing was the coffee and pastries!

I recommend that everyone take a few minutes to open a Hangouts account, and contact Ed or David about the next session.






I agree, Paul, that Gooogle Hangout and mobile learning tools look very promising. In fact,  Paul and Mary, joined through their cell phones, which impressed me.

I believe that a couple of you who signed up had difficulty joining us. I think we need to develop good instructions to troubleshoot meeting issues. Any volunteers?

I was impressed that the Hangout allows the moderator to have us see his screen, which is very useful for teachers working with students on issues. Apparently, the teacher can also opt to see the student's screen. Ed also showed us how to immediately connect with people through Gmail Hangout and Chat tools. If people are online, an interactive synchronous session can take place in seconds. Additionally, Hangout also allows the use of a white board, which I use a lot in Web conferencing using WebEx and other expensive tools. 

This kind of interaction is ideal for reaching students in poor, nonformal programs, especially those being served in very isolated regions!

Thanks Ed, David, and Paul for giving us all a test run. Leecy


Leecy and groups members, well I just tried my first Hangout with some students and it was a little difficult setting it up. There are a few minor details that I need to learn and then practice for me to be adept. I am a little slow with new technology stuff. So tomorrow bright and early I will try it again! If at first you don't succeed....etc. I think it will help if I study the Hangouts Help page.....