Like Zaption? Sigh. It will soon disappear.

Technology and Learning Colleagues,

Read about the end of the free video captioning tool Zaption, and consider the alternatives suggested in this EdSurge article, Zap! Zaption sold to Workaday.

Do you have other video captioning software to recommend? Do you use Nearpod? EdPuzzle? HapYak? H5P ? Do you recommend any of these?

David J. Rosen

Moderator, Technology and Learning CoP


I have not played with any of the resources you shared David but I have started playing with the YouTube (Google) options. 

Link to their documentation:

After exploring and tinkering around, I had the following thought. Google Docs has a very good voice to text feature. The idea is to get a Google Doc set up, activate the speak to text feature, then tab over to my video or the hangout or whatever production I am making. While I am talking, the Google Doc in the background is transcribing everything I say and in that way I have a mostly complete transcript that might just need a bit of touching up here and here. You tube has the ability to upload a text file for the closed captioning or subtitles and they include an editor to allow you to get the timing correct. 

Just some thoughts as I started looking at the services you shared. 

I learned about zaption and educanon at the same time; educanon is quite similar and is at  .   

Since I have Camtasia (but it's not free), I haven't spent much time with them.