Resource for learning about Micro-credentials

I want to share a resource as we begin discussing micro-credentials today.  Judy Mortude is with the Center for Law and Social Policy (CLASP) and the Alliance for Quality Career Pathways.  She is also one of the panelists joining us this week to talk about micro-credentials, within the context of career pathways. CLASP works to "develop and advocate for federal, state and local policies to strengthen families and create pathways to education and work"  

Recently, CLASP along with the Lumina Foundation and more than 40 other organizations, started a dialogue on how to transform our diverse education and workforce credentialing system into one that is more student-centered.  In support of creating a space for this dialogue, CLASP has created a resource page, "Connecting Credentials to Improve Economic Mobility", which provides information to help understand credentialing in the context of career pathways, and the goal of creating a more interconnected credentialing system to improve economic mobility.

Please join us in the Technology and Learning Community to learn more from Judy, the other panelists, as we begin exploring micro-credentials.




The EvoLLLution is an online newspaper, publishing articles and interviews with insights on trends from across the post-secondary marketplace. The most recent special feature explores credentialing in a number of articles published by higher education administrators, publishers, and directors of organizations such as the National Student Clearinghouse.  

Explore over ten articles, divided into categories addressing:

  • The Changing Priorities of Higher Education Institutions

  • How Student Demand is Transforming Credentialing

  • Where Are Alternative Options Moving Higher Education?

  • The Value of Alternative Credentialing for Students and Institutions

  • Alternative Credentialing from the Community College Perspective

If you read one or more of these articles, I challenge you to share one take-away from what you have read or thought about as a result.  It's easy, and unavoidable....alternative credentials are here to stay!


Mike Cruse

Career Pathways Moderator