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State of the Microgroup address

Good day everyone. We are just a little past the midway point of the time we have to work together on this project, so I thought it might be a good time to review what we have and don't have to this point. 

Our group has:

  1. Established a list of categories and sub categories the field may use to quickly find relevant resources or tools
  2. Collected a small sampling of resources and tools that fit within our categories
  3. Collaborated on an evaluation form that people can use to evaluate online resources or tools
  4. Created a digital reporting tool that will aggregate data from the evaluations
  5. Created a website that can house our finished evaluations (this is new as of this posting ...see below)

Items we still need to do:

  1. Continue to have at least two evaluators for as many of the resources we have identified to this point.
  2. Continue to add resources to our list as we see the need
  3. Establish draft reports for each resources that has had two peer evaluations completed and allow the group to edit these drafts
  4. Publish completed reports for each resource in the online website 
  5. Assemble all completed data into a final report and have the group peer edit
  6. Celebrate a job well done :)

As you may note in item 5 of the completed list above, I took some time to set up a webpage to help me take stock of what we have done and what remains. In this process, I found a few things that are worth noting. The website is here for your review. As always, comments and feedback are welcome, but please realize this site is simply a skeleton with place holders for the data. We will pretty that up in the following months with embellishments and refinements. For now it is a workplace.

One thing I noticed in compiling what we have so far is that we have not consistently used appropriate tags in our Diigo library. This has resulted in some resources being identified as important in Diigo, but the finished evaluation not being processed correctly. As an example, RubiStar is a wonderful tool to help teachers get set up with rubrics and David not only shared that resource, but he has taken the time to do a review (Thanks David!). In looking through our categories on the website and in our draft documents, I am unsure we really developed a place for tools like this. David accurately tagged the RubiStar with "rubrics", "assessment", "rubric" which all accurately define the tool and yet we don't have an appropriate category heading for that. I suggest we may want to add a category "Assessment" in the "Adminstration for Programs and Intructors" Category. Suggestions welcomed of course. Regardless of what we end up doing with RubiStar, this brought the thought that we may need to do a quick double check of the tags in Diigo to ensure that at least one tag for any given resource is one of our categories. Otherwise, when I go to compile data, either I or the computer algorithms will miss some very nice resources.

Another take away from summarizing our progress so far is that we have a total of 5 reviews (thank you Diana, Steve and David), that cover 4 of our resources. A good percentage of our categorized resources have not been evaluated yet. In order to have some time to create, edit and publish finished reports, we will need to collectively work on getting some more activity in evaluation. For those that have evaluated, perhaps you can quickly summarize your experience of evaluating with these tools? What time frame should people be expecting to put in on an evaluation? What takes the most time? Are there tricks or hints people should be aware of?

To help ensure people know how many evaluations were done on each resource, I will be creating a summary list that automatically updates and will put it on the webpage I created and linked above. That way, when people feel like doing an evaluation they can look at the website to see which resources already have 2 evaluations. Our goal is to have at least 2 evaluations for any resource we evaluate. We do not want more than 4 as we could use that energy reaching more resources at these early stages of the process. 

May is just about to start up. The end of the year crazy schedules start in as well as nicer weather. If you can find time within life's challenges to do some evaluations in the next month, your efforts will be appreciated in helping us have enough data to report out to the field. 

As always, please share your questions, thoughts, and ideas for making this work as positive and productive as we may. Although we may be a bit behind on evaluations, seeing the complied list of what we have accomplished is uplifting :) Everyone's discussions and contributions have helped to already create some wonderful outcomes as we zoom past our halfway point of the time we have on this project. Thank you all for your continued efforts!



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It may have been some time since some of us have looked at this whole process and the details of what we are doing and how to do it may be a bit fuzzy. I offer the following to help everyone have all the links they need right in one place that is current.

The resources to review should come from our Diigo list.

For convenience, I have this all updated in our evaluation form here with a drop down selection for resource name.

If you are unsure what resources have been evaluated already, you can always check out our data sheet here. In column C you will find all of the resources already evaluated. We need at least 2 evaluations for each resource, but please try to limit the max number of evaluations for any one resource to 4 people. I will update things so we have a quick and easy chart of available resources to evaluate hopefully this week. 

If you have other resources you wish to add to Diigo, please do so (remember to use the category names indicated the by the lower case letters we have in this document for tags). Unfortunately, I can not have the evaluation form update automatically, so you may want to wait a day to get to that. I get an automatic email when a diigo resource is added. 

Please let me know if you have questions (either email me or post here) and I will try to help as quickly as I can. 

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As I looked at the drop down menu in the evaluation form, it seemed to me that not all the tools we identified in Diigo were there, so I checked. By my recokoning the following are missing. Can you add them in? That would make it easier, for me at least, to evaluate them.

Basketball GM






Comic Master

Create A Graph

Create your own Comic


Easy Scheduling: Doodle



Fraction Number Line

Google Slides

IXL I Math

Jeopardy Rocks’Make Belifs Comix

Online Print & Amp;Digital Publishing Software











Volume Calculator

Wall Street Survivor








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David, thank you for taking the time to try to cross reference the two lists. I have updated the drop down now with the list you offered. If we find any other omissions please share. Please note that there were a few names on that list that were probably awkwardly recorded in Diigo (EX: Lucidpress). I tried to alter those names in Diigo, but I may have still missed some. 

I knew we had to be missing because I thought we had over 50 resources in Diigo. I just have not had the opportunity to find the missing elements. Thank you again for taking that time and sharing the info! Great team we have here!

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Hi Ed and all, 

I can do 5 more of ones I have experience with. Which ones need to be evaluated? Is it possible to see the Google Forms results so we know what's already been done?



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Diana and all, if you have misplaced the link to the results of the form, they are all here:

Just look down column C to see what has been evaluated so far. There are a good number of items still available for sure :)

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I'd lost track of where to find that link :-)

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Just a quick reminder that our webpage is at and if you scroll down that first page you will find all the links you need and a nifty chart to see how many evaluations each resource has received so far.

Note that if a resource is not showing up on that chart it is because no one has evaluated it yet. 

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It looks like only four people in this group of 25 have reviewed resources. I don't understand. Ed made it clear from the beginning that this was a working group, that the expectation was that its members would review online tools and resources. We're all busy with other obligations, but this is a commitment, too. It's time to make the time. It's not hard to do. Ed has linked together all the tools you need to complete the task. It doesn't take long, almost no time for a tool you are already familiar with, longer of course for a tool that you want to learn about -- but the reward is that you learn about a new tool! 

C'mon, folks, let's do this by Monday at the latest. Kudos to the first five who get off the shore and take the plunge!


David J. Rosen



... but I dont' remember.  As I've mentioned, because of the design here that means  things are  being posted a whole lot of times on the digest, sometimes  I miss something in skimming past messages, the great majority of which I've already seen.    I also need to figure ouit how to get permission to that Diigo list.   I will try to get to it later today... 


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Thank you, Susan, for your persistence in getting into the group and getting orientated. There are tons of things you can read up on. As you mention the digests can be so full of stuff it is hard to find where one needs to focus. With that in mind, I share the following link to a webpage I whipped up that has all the info you need to jump into evaluations right on the front page. Please let me know what I can do to help you get comfy with this work. 

Link to site:

I did get your request for the Diigo group and you have been added. 

Happy Evaluating!