I am trying to start a home for kids who are homeless.

I am in the process of buying a property in My hometown. My wife is a teacher and I have had to listen to the horrible stories York years about kids who do not eat or have homes. Any suggestions as far as government grants to get me started. Thank you.


I would suggest making contact with your local Department of Human Services. They might be able to help you connect with funding programs or even help you connect with existing services in your local area which are looking to expand services. 

Best of Luck. 
Kathy Tracey

You can also talk to church people & other groups that provide aid to people.   Networking can make everything work better for everybody...

I don't know where this is going, but I just want to help. My wife was telling me they have to give the kids backpacks to take home over the weekend. The backpacks are full of food. One kid says his uncle steals it. I just want to grab the kid and tell him everything is going to be ok. Keep them in your thoughts.