Blog: Undoing the Endless Cycle of Developmental Education: Where to Begin? *Broken link fixed*

Hello all, 

I wanted to share a blog with you all from Lincoln Land Community College in Illinois in which they reflect on their process for addressing colleges readiness in their Criminal Justice program through an accelerated, co-requisite developmental Reading and English course. Read the complete blog here.

What are innovative practices does your institution engage in to reduce the need for developmental education? What have been some of the challenges?  


Thanks for posting this article, Edmund, that highlights the impact of contextualizing reading and writing instruction around criminal justice content. As this blog shows, the contextualization approach holds great promise in building the basic skills of learners while they learn content that matters to them and --importantly--speeds them toward their important goals.

Check out this brief video from a chemistry professor at North Seattle College who explains how she reformed her teaching to contextualize the content around topics that mattered to her students.

Seeing results such as these is heartening. Comments and questions welcome!

Cheers, Susan Finn Miller

Moderator, College and Career Standards CoP

Thanks for your response and sharing the work out at North Seattle College, Susan. It is very heartening to see institutions implement content in such a meaningful way. Through my work I have been seeing more and more programs take this approach. 


Are others seeing this within their institutions? If so, how are things going as it relates to student and faculty experiences and student outcomes?

We have been looking for a really good video on helping our leadership staff understand IET (and contextualized instruction).  Thank you for starting this thread, Edmund, and thanks for sharing the N. Seattle College video, Susan!  Perfect!