Planning PD for Educators: Getting ready for FY18!


I have been working with program administrators and state leaders who are currently creating their PD plans for FY18. (I know -it's hard to believe we are moving so quickly toward the end of the fiscal year.) I'd like to share some ideas for consideration and then I'd love to hear your thoughts for the upcoming year. 

As educational leaders, we need to create strategic and ongoing education to help teachers be successful. I encourage you to check out Seven Questions to Ask When Building a Professional Development Plan.  The questions include topic areas like teacher choice, PD flexibility, time to allow for implementation, support and accountability, 

How do you create a PD plan? What support do you need? 

I'd love to hear your thoughts. 



Hi Kathy,

Can you tell us more about the context of the PD plan development work you are doing? What states? What kinds of programs -- LEAs? CBOs? CC's? Corrections? Volunteer programs? Others? What is, or has been, driving the effort to have teachers create and carry out annual PD plans? Program manager leadership? Teacher leadership? State level administrator leadership? Something else? Do administrators and other program staff  also do PD plans, or only teachers?

All of the questions in Seven Questions to Ask When Building a Professional Development Plan are pertinent to adult education as well as K-12, although the context in K-12 may allow more (especially paid) time for professional development, and certainly has many more full-time teachers with more equitable full-time salaries and benefits.

I am interested to hear what you -- and others -- see as motivation for teachers to participate in professional development plans:

  • Required by program or state administrators, perhaps as a result of an external  program evaluation?
  • Opportunity to improve one's teaching effectiveness?
  • Opportunity to work with colleagues to improve teaching effectiveness together?
  • Opportunity to address identified program improvement issues
  • Something else?

David J. Rosen, Moderator

Program Management CoP