Featured Reading this month: Going to Work with a Criminal Record

Hello All,

How many times have you been working with an offender to have them say to you that they will never be able to get a job because they have a criminal record?  I know it happens a lot for me.  As my learners achieve their high school equivalency and transition out, they tell me how hard it is to get a job because of their past mistakes.  This month in the LINCS Resources, "Going to Work with a Criminal Record", offers advice on how to connect offenders with appropriate jobs and employers as well as tools to organize their efforts.  It talks about things to avoid and how to develop important relationships.  How do you help your learners transition when they tell you they can't?



I saw this article about a college program within the prison. They are showing great results!! Here is the link: http://bit.ly/2rixHCv 

Are there any community members who work with colleges to offer courses within the walls of the prison?  If so, I would love to discuss this with you.  We are looking at a way to expand within out local prison and would love to learn from someone who is already doing this.  So let us know - post to this discussion with your thoughts or questions.


We are currently offering the two-year General Education AA degree. We offered the GenEd and Business associates in the last big cohort. Not sure if the Business associates will return. The VCCS and the Virginia state universities and colleges have agreements that full credit will be transferred if the student goes on to finish a bachelor's at a state school. it is quite a leg up for them to continue their education once released. I teach Compositions courses.