Using Math to Develop Effective Relationships

Are you familiar with the Employability Skills Framework?  Effective Relationships are part of that framework.  For the next few weeks, let's brainstorm ways that Effective Relationships skills could be learned, practiced, and/or demonstrated in the math classroom.  Specifically, what

  • elements of classroom culture
  • learning activities, or
  • assessments

would give students an opportunity to learn, practice, or demonstrate Effective Relationships Skills? 

To learn more, explore the link between Effective Relationships skills and the math classroom, and see some examples of developing Effective Relationships skills, join TODAY's on 7/18 at 10am CST.  No pre-registration is needed. Simply click here to enter the webinar room:

A summary of the Effective Relationships skills as well as classroom observation sheets for each of the components of Effective Relationships can be found in the Documents tab of the Math and Numeracy group.

Looking forward to reading your ideas!


I really liked the number of the day activity and I would like to adapt that to my ESOL classroom.


That classroom culture activity is a favorite that can be adapted in so many ways.  It is such a good practice to give all students a chance to share their ideas at the board. 

Have others used Number of the Day specifically in an ESOL classroom?  Have you adapted it to incorporate more language?  In what ways?


I just sent you a message via LINCS so that we could be connected by email.  Look for that; I will email you the PowerPoint.

For others...the webinar recording will be available on YouTube probably in September.  Feel free to email or send me a message via the LINCS community if you would like the PowerPoint.

Incorporating Number of the Day is a way to adjust your classroom culture to develop Effective Relationships; asking students to gather, organize, and respond to data is an activity to develop Effective Relationships.  Finally, assessing students individually and also after small group discussions is a way to develop Effective Relationships in assessment.

Have you tried any of these?  Have you tried other ways to incorporate Effective Relationship skill building into the math classroom?

  • What did you try?  
  • What happened? 
  • How did your students demonstrate, practice, or learn Effective Relationships skills?

Please share your reflections here in the discussion!  Here are some examples of ways to share:

  • Create a classroom video focusing on students demonstrating Effective Relationship skills along with your notes describing the specific skills that you observed.
  • Share student writing answering the question, “How did I use Effective Relationships skills in class today?” (See documents tab for a handout explaining those skills that could be shared with students.)
  • Post completed Effective Relationship observation checklists (see documents tab) that you have filled out while observing your class or another class.

Send me a me a message through LINCS if you have any tech questions about posting videos or images to the LINCS discussion board.