COABE 2018: Call for Presentations

The COABE conference call for presentation closes on October 15th. Are you thinking about submitting a session proposal? Do you have any questions about how to submit a proposal? and from our experts and trainers, what tips do you have for educators who want to share their ideas?

I encourage you to consider sharing your ideas! 

Kathy Tracey


I agree that $ will keep many from attending, Susan. What do you think of having those who do participate return to different CoPs and report of presentations that were most helpful? How else could COABE participants share what they learn with you? 


I'd love to hear from other presenters about their topic.  Perhaps, a brief overview and then if it is something of interest to more than one person perhaps we could meet via Zoom, Skype, or Google Hangout.  This might be a great way to connect people who can't attend COABE to some excellent resources.


Hi Brooke, 

I submitted a session on Trauma Informed Leadership and would love to do a special skype, google handout, zoom meeting on that topic. I agree- we could work with presenters to widen their audience. For those who have submitted proposals for COABE, what are you hoping to present? We would love to hear from you.