The Ventura Fire

I live in Ventura and have had to suspend the classes at the library indefinitely because of the wildfires. Many people were forced to evacuate, myself included, along with most of the 20 students in my classes. But I am in touch with everyone via my Smartphone, and I will send them all “homework”, such as some videos of pronunciation with tongue twisters, a lesson on the present progressive tense and some humorous songs. I am going to call people on the phone to chat in a few days. Through technology the class has also become a group of friends, and my role as “teacher” has also changed.

This fire is incredible and obviously is a traumatic event for everybody. We will all get through it, I am sure. The classes will go on and, hopefully, grow. I will keep you posted.

Paul Rogers



Hello Paul, I'm so sorry to hear this news. The fire in Ventura is so terrible. I hope you and the students in your class and everyone in the area-- including the heroic fire fighters-- stay safe.

Best, Susan Finn Miller

Moderator, English Language Acquisition

Whoa, Paul. Please stay safe! It is great news that you are able to continue classes with students over Smartphones to deliver hot instruction in the meantime.  What an accomplishment and an inspiration! Makes me even more determined to start using that technology more. Thanks! Leecy

The fire has moved away from Ventura for the most part, but, because of erratic winds, there is no guarantee that it is permanently gone!!! In the meantime, I have returned to my apartment and just needed to clean up a little soot. The air is still smoky, though.

Yes, the Smartphone is invaluable in maintaining contact, making the class more personal. I will text the students today and see how everybody is doing...and send a video of a song like Put On A Happy Face!!!