Story by Story Phonics Lessons

Our LINCS Resource Collection contains a link to a wonderful phonics resource for adults, Story by Story Phonics Lessons, which contains stories that provide great interaction for students. You will need Adobe Flash in your browser to use the resources. The stories are written and read aloud, followed by a typing exercise for words. Stories can also be printed out. The page also includes lesson plans, a Reading Skills Test for Pre-Literate Students, Printable Flash Card Exercises, Word and Number Bingo Exercises, Calendar Exercises, and Phonics Exercises. Enjoy.
If you have used or plan to use this resource, drop in and tell us about your experience? How did your students react? If you plan to use the resource, please share your plans with us! 



Thanks for sharing the interactive version of Story by Story. Like you described, it offers FREE access to read-alouds and practice activities for 12 stories. The "complete" version of Story by Story (over 100 stories and word lists in simple to more complex phonetic order) is available from LDA of Minnesota. They own the copyright and offer a print or PDF edition for a reasonable price:  I developed SxS for struggling adult readers who wanted to read real text, not just study word lists. I recommend that ABE/ESL teachers adapt, modify, or expand the stories and word lists to fit their students' interests and needs.

Marn Frank

Thank yoy Marn, for your work and additional details. I'll add the ELA groups to this posting so that they can benefit from it as well.

If anyone here is using these great tools, please share your experience with us! Thanks. Leecy