We're having a Geogebra workshop!

I've been dabbling in Geogebra for a few months and I'd tweet my frustrations to the #mtbos #ggbchat (math twitter blogosphere and geogebra chat)... and Steve Phelps answered several questions and made me little screencasts for creating things on my own. 

Well, when he tweeted to some of his followers that he was thinking of doing training in Illinois, maybe Chicago... I impulsively noted that Champaign-Urbana is much less expensive ... and ... one thing led to another and we'll be hosting him for a 2-day workshop here at the college June 26-27!   

Geogebra is a free, open  Java- and HTML5-based program (online or downloaded to computer)  providing interactive algebra, geometry, statistics and calculus applications so students can see and do math.     This page has some examples https://www.geogebra.org/m/x7p6RREk  .  


If you want to know more,  two days of free training focusing on HS and College level math

1. Learn how to use the new browser-based Graphing Calculator, Geometry, and 3D Graphing Calculator apps as well as the Classic app.

2. Learn how to organize your apps in GeoGebra Materials

3. Learn how to get started with GeoGebra Groups so you can easily get GeoGebra assignments to your students

4. Learn whatever else you would like to learn!

.      https://www.eventbrite.com/e/geogebra-workshop-at-parkland-college-tickets-45538951229   is the registration site ... we're keeping it small (about 30) but there's still room.  We're on Interstates so pretty easy to get to -- but not an expensive part of the world.   www.parkland.edu