Math Strategies for Success Minnesota LINCS Training follow up

On Friday, Sept 21 I facilitated the Math Strategies for Success training to an amazing group of practitioners from Minnesota. If any of you have any follow up questions, comments or thoughts to share. You're welcome to post here and let's have a conversation.





Thanks for an excellent session, Cynthia! We really appreciate all you brought to our practices.

Some of us were unable to get the links to the session materials. Where can we find them?

PS: The A-team loves you! Image removed.

Hi Cynthia!

Thank you again for coming to Minnesota.  As always, you did such a great job and I was left with lots of noodlings!

One thing I was wondering, is what makes these skills 21st Century Skills?  Clearly employers must have wanted employees to have similar skills in the past.  Are you familiar with our Academic, Career, and Employability Standards?  I think it would be interesting to do an alignment activity with the 21st Century Skills and the ACES standards. One of the things I am doing in my classroom is heavily focusing on soft skills in addition to math content.  I'm finding the students area of needs often comes more from the soft skills.  I believe we need to do more to boost these skills concurrently.

I'm sorry for the rambling, I am really interested in digging more deeply into this idea.

My biggest question would be how to do we (or do we?) adapt these skills and the instruction of these skills for different career/academic pathways.  While problem solving is a key skill in any venue, what problem solving looks like will be different as they are reasoning through a homework assignment, dealing with a technical problem in the office, or working to fit boxes onto a pallet in a warehouse. How do you encourage flexibility in these skills so that students can apply their learning to different aspects of their lives?

Thank you again!!


Thank you so much for traveling to MN!  This was a GREAT session!

I  love the idea of math journaling!  Do you know if there prompts, templates, etc... to get people started with implementing it?  I'd love to see the different levels you can use- the reluctant learner to the motivated learner.