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Facebook Joins the Digital Career Development Space

Facebook recently announced the launch of career development mini-courses for adult learners.  The 13 digital courses are designed for people looking to re-enter the workforce, or refresh their resume skills in the digital space.  Facebook designed these courses based on its own research on what skills are most helpful to both job seekers and employers.  Each course runs between 8-10 minute, and can be accessed for free on the Learn with facebook site.  Along with the new site, Facebook also announced that it will work with the Goodwill Community Foundation to share training materials and job posts to Facebook user groups.  They also plan to add features for people in user groups to choose mentors to help them in their careers.

I'm curious whether members think these courses will be valuable to their learner population?  Are they accessible to the range of learners in your programs?  If not, what is missing, and what could be added to support learners in benefitting from this information.  LinkedIn and Facebook have both ventured into the field of career development in the digital age, but let's make sure that they are providing opportunities for the spectrum of adults hoping to enter, and advance, in middle skill careers.


Mike Cruse

Career Pathways Moderator 


Alecia Ohm's picture

I noticed that the courses require a phone number or email for sign up. Sometimes that can be a barrier for adult learners, but you can access at least one lesson before being prompted to enter personal information.

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One hundred

Hi all, 
Am I missing something in this course? I saw a great deal of information on leveraging social media for businesses and building a social media presence. Am I looking in the wrong place? I don't know if I would consider leveraging social media as a foundation to career building. 


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Upper right, Browse Lessons.  There are some resume and what might be soft skills lessons.

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One hundred

I'm glad you bring this point up, Kathy.  You said that, "I don't know if I would consider leveraging social media as a foundation to career building".  I hadn't given it much thought before you made this statement, but now it has me wondering.  Is teaching learners about using social media part of a 21st century career skills curriculum?  Should it be? 

Linkedin has the cornered the market on  middle-to-high skilled career networking, but does it address the needs - and resources - of many ABE/ESL learners in the workplace?  If not, what are some better platforms, and how should we be working with these learners - and employers - to use them for career development and advancement?

Mike Cruse

Career Pathways Moderator